KGCI employs between 10 and 30 highly talented individuals, depending on our current workload, that come from a diverse construction background.  Each crew member understands the importance of working in a team environment and each is willing to teach and learn multiple new trades.  Below are the trades and tasks conducted in-house by KGCI crews.

Construction Trades Performed by KGCI's Crew:

  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Utility Installation
  • Heavy Hauling
  • Rope Access Technicians / Rockfall Mitigation / Drilling
  • Concrete
  • Rough & Finish Carpentry
  • Installation of Doors, Frames & Hardware
  • Specialties Installation


The most important aspect to any construction project is the safety of all on-site crew members and the safety to the public.  Over the last 22 years, with over $100 Million of construction projects completed, KGCI has never had a fatal or life threatening injury or incident. 

Many of KGCI's projects are constructed directly adjacent to ongoing working public facilities or roadways.  With over 70 projects completed throughout the Western Slope of Colorado and the Intermountain Region, KGCI has never had an accident sustained to the public.  

KGCI has an award winning safety record and every ongoing project is cleaned and maintained daily with safety reviews consistently done to ensure the protection of all crew members on site.  Mandatory safety meetings are held weekly with all crew members onsite and pre-con meetings are held every morning to discuss daily site tasks and safety factors involved with each task required.

"The Key to Our Success is Based on the Diversity of Our Projects & People"

KGCI & Our Projects 

We believe that the success of KGCI is based on the diversity of our projects and people.  This is certainly apparent from the many different projects KGCI has constructed over the last 22 years.  From construction and renovation of privately and publicly funded facilities such as banks, schools, medical facilities, and town halls to environmental remediation and improvements of rivers and highways, installation of utilities, construction of well pads, in-stream fish ladders and passages, rearing ponds, reservoirs and recreational water sports parks.  

Over the last 22 years, KGCI has never been involved in the processes of litigation, arbitration or mediation on any project we have been contracted to build.  Our firm has also never incurred liquidated damages due to a schedule overrun and has not had a contractor initiated change order in over 15 years. KGCI is currently bondable to $25,000,000+ per single contract with a bonding capacity of $35,000,000 in aggregate contracts.

The links below will take you to some of our most notable projects completed over the last 15 years.