Winner of ENR's Regional Best Projects for Best Water & Environmental Project for the Mountain States (2013)

Winner of ENR's Regional Best Projects for Best Specialty Project for the Mountain States (2016)

Project:  Spadafora Well Pad

Location:  Above Somerset, CO

Owner:  Gunnison Energy

Cost:  $222,545.00

Completion:  September, 2016

Scope:  Construction of a 325' x 325' Natural Gas Well Pad near Somerset, CO.  The project consisted of a cut and fill of approximately 20,000 CY of material in order to meet the required surface grade.  KGCI completed the fast track project in 20 days, 2 weeks ahead of schedule, in order for drilling operations to commence.  

The American Public Works Journal Colorado Chapter has awarded the Hartland Dam the Environmental Design/Maintenance/Operations Award for 2012.

Project:  OMID Regulating Reservoir

Location:  Grand Junction, CO

Owner/Designer:  OMID / Bureau of Reclamation

Cost:  $8,655,578.45

Completion:  May, 2017

Scope:  Construction of a 74 acre foot reservoir using zoned earthen materials consisting of a complete underdrain system, concrete structures, various liner systems, cast-in-place concrete invert, and access road. The completed project is currently used for irrigation storage for users throughout the Grand Valley and saves over 5 Billion gallons of water per year.

Project:  Hartland Diversion Dam & Whitewater Park

Location:  Delta, CO

Owner/Designer:  Painted Sky RCD / Merrick Engineers

Cost:  $1,795,658.00

Completion:  March, 2012

Scope:  ​The Hartland Diversion Dam and Whitewater Park was constructed to allow endangered fish species to freely navigate the Gunnison River, help insure safe recreational navigation downstream, and to create a specific section for use as a recreational kayak and rafting park.  KGCI began the project by constructing a 20’ wide x 600’ long cofferdam consisting of boulders, pit-run, oversized riprap, lining and cobble to protect the site from flooding and began the process of dewatering.  KGCI placed 4 gravel packed sumps in several locations throughout the site to mitigate the high levels of ground water.  Site construction began by removing the existing 6’ tall x 275’ wide dam structure. The main feature construction consisted of 10,000 CY of excavated material and placement of 10,500 CY of riprap set to specific elevations and held in place by 3,100 CY of grout.

Winner of ENR's Regional Best Projects for Merit of Safety - Mountain States (2015)

Project:  Horsethief Canyon Native Fish Facility

Location:  Fruita, CO

Owner/Designer:  Bureau of Reclamation

Cost:  $5,367,844.00

Completion:  November 2012

Scope:  ​Working with the Department of Interior's, Bureau of Reclamation Office in Grand Junction, CO, KGCI completed the construction of 22 rearing ponds (0.25-0.5 acre),  associated concrete kettle structures, and piping over a 24 acre site.   Construction also included the installation of a 1000' long Infiltration Gallery along the Colorado River and a 2,100 SF holding and storage facility.  These ponds are utilized in the raising of native fish species throughout Western, Colorado. 

The $2 million Design & Construction of the Hartland Diversion Dam has been recognized by Civil Engineering Magazine as one of the most innovative projects in the United States in 2012.

"The Key to Our Success is Based on the Diversity of Our Projects & People"

Project:  SH133 Paonia Reservoir Rockfall Mitigation

Location:  HWY 133 MM 24 Near Somerset, CO

Owner/Designer:  CDOT

Cost:  $2,619,485.63

Completion:  May 2016

Scope:  Rockfall mitigation consisting of scaling, 4,000 CY of trim blasting, drilling, grouting and installation of 17,700 LF of rock anchors and dowels, 17,500 SF shotcrete retaining wall, removal of 16,000 CY of material and and installation of 78,000 SF of wire mesh. The project helps to insure a safer commute by motorist utilizing HWY 133 near Mclure Pass.

Project:  Gore Canyon Whitewater Feature @ Pumphouse

Location:  Kremmling, CO

Owner/Designer:  Grand County / River

Cost:  $866,224.00

Completion:  March 2015

Scope:  ​The Whitewater feature and fish passage consisted of 2,200 CY of riverbed excavation, installation of 3,000 tons of granite boulders, and placement of (3) 9' tall x 4' wide pre-cast sloped wave blocks. KGCI also installed a new viewing area along with a granite staircase to access the river below.  The completion of this project permanently protects the water flow levels for over 75,000 boaters and recreational enthusiasts who access the Upper Colorado River Region every year.​​